Vespa, Lambretta Helmets

SOLD Bringing the past alive again these helmets scream 60-70”s Vespa Lambretta Helmetsall over again.

Although I cannot give an exact date of these great looking helmets they were made in Japan, which should date them back to 1955-1970”s or there about.

Not much to say about the helmets they are in very good condition, both area large half helmets with leather insert (see images), both with visors in good condition (a few scratches), reflectors all around all in perfect condition (none broken).   They both have a few marks on top, showing some wear, just enough to say they were used but not very much.

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Vespa Lambretta Helmets WFS Model 505 029 030 031

Asking $50.00 each

If interested the Vespa Lambretta Helmets please Contact Us and we will make arrangements for payment and delivery of your item.
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