(Murano, Italy??)

Murano Italy has been known for its glass as far back as the 13th Murano glass figurinescentury or later, and still to this date some of the finest glass work comes from a factory or private studio from the Venetian Island of Murano, Italy.

Murano glass was most prevalent in the 50-60’s having their heyday at least in modern times. In the 14th centuries Murano glass blowers were held to a very high social status, and were given the permission to wear swords.

The 21st century is here and things have changed some as it does to anything, glass in general has taken a bit of a standstill in popularity, although there are still thousands of serious collectors all over the world.

The two pieces in front of you were purchased as figurines from Murano Italy, although I have no way of confirming this one way or another as there are no marks anywhere that I can see.

They are very impressive to see and caught my attention the first time I seen them, I know they had a story to tell, you can always notice quality in a piece of art. Both pieces are just breath taking and demand attention, they are stunning to behold and would make a great added to feature to any collection.

I have taken these figures to a glass gallery and have shown them to a few experienced glass blowers and they also could not assure me that these are from any maker in Murano but could not dismiss their authenticity either. But they did assure me that they were of high quality and were made from a talented glass blower no matter where they were made.

Asking $350.00 for the pair

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Venetian glass fiqurines Glass Figurines -Venetian, Murano ? Two Venetian figurines





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