SOLD The M1 Army Helmet is iconic in the United States U.S. M1 Army HelmetMilitary and has become a well sought after item, with WWII helmets being the most sought after by collectors today, helmets made during the war are becoming far a few between as the years move on.

Not to say there weren’t many helmets made during the early part of the war and many have survived, but are they complete and are they really from this period in time.  These (M1) helmets were made from the start of the war up to 1985, at a glance they look pretty much the same.

Sure way to tell that you have an original helmet is the seam, each has a seam in the back or front of the rim, from their first inception to 1944 the seam was in the front, afterwards the seam was located in the back of the helmet along the seam. 

The first M1 Helmets used a fixed bail to hold the chin straps until Oct.1943; from then on they used a swivel bail.  The colour and the texture of the helmet changed Post War, were darker and a bit taller during war time.

This U.S. M1 Army Helmet has all that and more, inside the shell there are numbers indicating again that this particular helmet is genuine and is circa WWII, after 1944 the seam moved to the front of the seam.

The shell and the liner are in tacked, and it has a great look to it and would stand out and demand attention in any Man Cave or Military Collection.


Asking $135.00

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M1 Army HelmetM1 Army Helmet Liner






If you’re interested in this Genuine U.S.  WWII M1 Army Helmet please Contact Us and we will make arrangements for payment and delivery of your item


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