Franz X. Wagner may have been the designer of the famous underwood typewriter Underwood Typewriterbut it was John T. Underwood who labeled it his own.

The underwood typewriter was born in the late 19th century and by the 1920’s was the envy of all manufacturers. It didn’t take long before every office and every secretary was working on a No. 5 Underwood Typewriter, making the world go around.

In the world of takeovers and buy outs the name Underwood fell out of play and was taken over by Olivetti in the 1960’s, so the legend maker Underwood silently slips into the history books.

This particular typewriters is circa 1925 and is in great working condition, I have only found one key to stick ( #2 key ). It has been used and does show wear, some of the labels are worn out and not visible others are their but fading as time moves forward. The entire unit does work and it takes paper with no problem (no flat marks).

I have left this unit as is with all its faults and wear and tear as it adds to the look of this Underwood. Should be an easy refurbish for any one looking to restore this piece to it’s former glory days, it would just need a good cleaning a few adjustments, new ribbon it would be like new.

Asking $100.00 Sold

If you are interested in this No. 5 Underwood Typewriter please Contact Us and we will make arrangements for payment and delivery of your item.

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No. 5 Underwood 1925 No.5 Underwood TypewriterModel No. 5 Underwoodcirca 1925 Underwood Typewriter No. 5





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