Antique or Vintage this Torcan Fan was built in Toronto Canada by the Rotor Torcan FanElectric Company and in short time was in households across the country and was the air conditioner of it’s day for the average consumer. I remember back in the 1960s our blue one speed Torcan Fan was the major cooling device in our household, literally every house up and down the block had at least one Torcan in their possession.

Of course over the years the make up of the Torcan Fan become obsolete with new materials and innovations in the world of electric fans. The majority of fans ended up in the garage or in the shop environment and eventually fell from sight.

Alas the collector comes to the rescue of these fans of the past and is keeping the unique look of these fans alive and putting them in their collection of vintage artifacts.

This object will bring any boomer back to the day whey their fan sat on the end table and cooled them in the heat of the day or night. For the younger collector this is a great piece of nostalgia that has a place in any collection and holds a place in history.

This is a very clean early fan circa 1950, it is a one speed and is in very good condition, it shows some wear as it has been previously used. It is in good working order and still can completes it mission to cool any household.


Asking $40.00

If interested in the Torcan Fan please Contact Us and we will make arrangements for payment and delivery of your item.

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Vintage Torcan FanOne speed Torcan Fan





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