Sometimes roots can run real deep, in the case of the The Saturday Evening PostSaturday Evening Post all the way back to 1728 and the Pennsylvania Gazette published by Samuel Keimer.  Not really sure of all the makings of this relationship but Benjamin Franklin purchased the Gazette in 1729 and ran it until 1800.

Another fuzzy part in this strange relationship between the Gazette and The Saturday Evening Post, the post was founded in 1821, what happened in-between, not sure, do you know????

Regardless of how all this ties together the magazine rose to the occasion and was America’s most widely weekly circulated magazine.

Perhaps the magazine was best known for the famous covers with renderings from artists like W. Haskell Coffin and Clarence F. Underwood.  In 1919 the famous renderings of Norman Rockwell adjourned over 300 covers.

I have five (5) of The Saturday Evening Post dated:

  • February 1, 1913
  • March 15, 1913
  • October 4 & 11, 1913
  • January 31, 1914

All have center advertisements with some in colour and are very cool to see, not to take away from all the other advertisements from hats to cars plus articles. 

Nothing like shopping a hundred years ago, the style, the prices, nothing like these advertisements will ever be seen again, making magazines like these one of the last realistic looks into the past of everyday folks.

They all are in good shape, they do show signs of wear small water damage in some corners, some small tears at the edge of a few pages.  There is also reasonable discolouring in the pages, but nothing that should not be expected for a magazine of this age. 

Take a trip into time…


Asking $25.00/pc…or package all five (5) for $100.00

Also included in the packaged deal is a book of Norman Rockwell and the Saturday Evening Post called the Middle Years…dated 1976…covering the years of 1928-1943…his first was in 1919…

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The Saturday Evening Post 1913The Saturday Evening Post 1913-1914 012






If interested in The Saturday Evening Post please Contact Us and we will make arrangements for payment and the delivery of your item.

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