Genuine Ford Part porcelain sign

The sign was all wrong but looked so good, it was porcelain and it seemed to have some real age and earned rust.

It hung from the rafters in a garage from the brass grommets, it has some wear but not much, he handed it to me I knew it was porcelain and it was double sided. I was blind from there I guess, I paid for it and went on my way thinking I had a great score.

Fake or Reproduction

A fake is an item someone is passing off as the real deal, original item and it is not.

A reproduction is an item that is being sold as a reproduction with no claims of being original and is sold as such. This is how I define these two terms.

My Mistakes: It Was Not Original

First off the seller never really mentioned the origin of the sign and I never asked my first mistake I should have asked about the sign.

There was no makers mark or any mark at all, should have been some sort of owner ship from Ford …after researching this item, the originals have Property of Ford and a maker at the bottom…second mistake…(not all signs will have these markings, making it real hard to tell, at times)

The text was wrong for a well made porcelain sign made pre 1950’s…it should have been layered and you should feel this as you run your hand over the sign…third mistake…

The lettering was off it was not all done in nice straight or non wavy text….sure sign it is not a original Ford sign…lettering should be consistent throughout and done in a professional manner…fourth mistake

The porcelain looked more familiar with enamel dinner wear than vintage porcelain advertising signs…fifth mistake


Don’t be in such a rush and do your due diligence before purchasing any porcelain sign or tin sign.

I should have examined it more accurately, as I mentioned the sign was all wrong but looked so good. If I would have looked past the esthetics of the sign, I may of waved some red flags for myself.

Fakes or Reproductions are everywhere, the more valuable or wanted the object is the better chance someone is making fake’s and selling them as original.

Be careful, do some homework, read some articles, get as much experience as you can with signs if you’re going to be out purchasing more of them, I know I did, first thing.



-Porcelain signs were made of rolled iron up to 1920…then steel was used…
-Most if not all porcelain signs were deemed too expensive and production was halted in 1960 or there about…
-Each colour has its own layer and these should be felt….separately fired…


If You are wanting a real nice looking double sided porcelain sign made in the 70-80’s of Genuine Ford Parts this is the sign for you…it looks good although it is not original and is not being sold as such this is a reproduction.

Asking $235.00

– original go for $800-$1200 pending condition of course

If interested in this reproduction Oval Genuine Ford Parts sign please Contact Us and we will make arrangement for payment and delivery.


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