It was a rough time for Canadians in 1932 the depression Munro Hockey Game 1952was in full swing and money was scarce too non existence for some.

With another long winter coming and Christmas around the corner Donald H. Munro Sr. knew he had to do something or his three children would get nothing for Christmas. 

Using scrap wood and things found around the house and wood from the coal bin Doanald Munro and his family came up with the first table hockey game.

A traveling salesman noticed the game and encouraged Donald to t ake his family’s invention to Toronto’s Eaton’s department store, the rest is history.  He hadn’t made it home after dropping off the game and it was sold with orders for more. 

This game is in excellent shape with little wear, just enough to give it character.  The game is stamped 1952 on the back and is in working order. 

Take a trip back into time and see what started it all. 

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Munro Hockey 1952 Munro Table Hockey Game





Asking $100.00

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