In 1986 Bobby Rahal won the first Molson Molson Indy Advertising 1998Indy Toronto on July 20th at exhibition place. 

Having the bragging rights of being the second biggest street race in Nascar venues
Toronto moved to the big leagues concerning Nascar Racing.

Cigarette Company’s lost their rights concerning advertising and the association they had with the Molson Indy and racing.  In 1998 Player’s had their last advertisement for the Molson Indy, making these advertisements something special as it was the end of an era for Players and their advertising in the Nascar world. 

What was to happen to the racing world, at the time it was a question asked by some.

The Molson Indy race that started it in Toronto has now been named a few things since 2006, changing sponsors more than once the race lives on known today as the Honda Indy Toronto…


Advertisements are made from cardboard and are 40″x20″, they are all in very good shape 8.5/10…


Asking $35.00/each

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Molson Indy 1998 Toronto advertising

Molson Indy 1998 Toronto






If interested in the Molson Indy Toronto, 1998, advertisements please Contact Us and we will make arrangements for payment and delivery of your item.

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