Sold Made by the Champion Chemical Company Coffin Cart/Coffee tableof Springfield Ohio, made in the late 19th century or early 20th century this cart has carried the dead for their last moments in this world for many years.

Not sure when this coffin cart stopped being a useful tool for the funeral industry and started becoming home décor, it seems it was the coffin carts destiny to become a coffee table or some sort of table, it just makes so much sense, it fits.

The original wheels have been changed to lower the unit, but have been kept and attached to the side of the cart (can be replaced to original form).  The table top is 4ft. long 2ft. wide and is 21” high, not sure of the wood used but it is solid. 

The top does show some wear and has a burn mark on it, would make an easy project to refurbish the top or even replace with a new one. 

After all it is not the wood table we are buying here,it is the cool look and spook factor of wear the base started out its life on this earth.


Asking $350.00  


If interested in the Coffin Cart/Coffee Table please Contact Us and we will make arrangements for payment and delivery of your item.


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Champion Chemical coffin cartCoffin Cart/Coffee Table - handlesCoffin Cart/Coffee Table - wheels






The Champion Chemical Company was founded in 1878 under the name of Hill Fluid Company changing names in 1888; they still operate their business to this day in Springfield Ohio.

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