Sold It was a good thing back in 1886 at Jacob’s Coca Cola CoolerPharmacy he had carbonated water, what would life be like if he never? 

Then Dr. John Pemberton would have just been another pharmacist messing around in the lab.  Instead he is the man that invented Coca Cola.  It was his bookkeeper that named the drink Coca Cola and wrote it out in the distinctive script as it is known today.

As most things the rights to the drink was sold for the sum of $2300.00 in 1888 to Asa Griggs Candler.  Asa is given credit for taking the brand into a whole new direction and really starting the brand to take off around the world.

So here we sit in 2014 and Coca Cola stuff is still and has been very collectable for years, with the real early coke stuff being the most sought after and the hardest to get, raising prices higher as time goes by.

I have a cooler made in St. Thomas Ontario, Canada in 1955 complete with the tray inside.  The cooler has been used and shows wear of course (adding character) the bottom of this cooler like many it did not escape the dreaded disease of time and rust.  The inside is rust free and as mentioned still have the tin tray, drain and opener.

It sits on a metal Coca Cola display, this is not circa 1955 but more in the 70-80 range.  Not being old does not necessary mean not rare, can’t say that I have ever seen one of these made of metal, they must be out there, but where. 

This is my take on what this is and I could be 100% wrong, if I am what is it…????

Asking $100.00 for the cooler

Asking $150.00 for the display

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Vintage Coca Cola Cooler Coca Cola Cooler cica 1955





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