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Well that’s the big question isn’t it, can you make money in the buying and selling game. Short and sweet answer is yes of course you can.

Now maybe a better question is, can I (you) make money in this game?

Now that is a bit harder to answer because we are all different when it comes to our abilities. Selling vintage items to the public is not as easy as it may seem. 

We have all read the article telling us how they made so much money at the sale it launched their career in the buy and sell game. How many people does this happen to?   I had a garage sale advertised the date and still only about 10 people come to my door.  Not so easy, first and last.

Set backs are a guaranteed at least for me they were, my first time and first place selling was at a Flea Market I handpicked, wow what a mistake that was. The first 5 months at this location we lost our shirts. Dreams shattered we packed our stock and looked for another venue to sell in, just one example.

Found another flea market, another chapter started for our little business adventure.

We made some changes to our stock and with our new location we started selling. I guess it was a combination of things, the location change was huge for us, we finally had a crowd of potential customers, and something the last location was missing.  The change in our stock was certainly was selling better, this was a bit of trial and error maybe some luck as well, but we found stock that sells, at least for us it does.

Finishing the year out at the new location, (out on the grass) the business was going in the right direction, up.

Wrapping Up

Like any business adventure it takes time and of course money, this business can be started with as little as 2-3 thousand dollars, so money is not the biggest obstacle but can exist for some.

Not only is selling at times hard or perhaps challenging, buying can be a bitch to get good at. First thought is what to buy and second at what price.  These two things you must get good at, it is imperative to get product at the right price.

Buying is considered to be the easy part (although it really isn’t) because it only takes money to buy, but you have to buy smart.  

Mistakes will cost you money, at the same time they will be part of your learning curve. You will have to judge for yourself how far you want to take your new adventure. Remember it is human to error, mistakes happen, but they must be minimized or the bottom line will be damaged.

Make no mistake about it you can make money in the buy and sell game, but there are no guarantees.


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